Maximize Your Real Estate Success With Dedicated Transaction Coordination

Giving you the confidence to bring more deals to the closing table.


We give you more time to get more deals. As a business owner we know all the hats you wear. Let us take this tedious task for you to focus on growing your business.


We will give you the power to walk away from the seller saying, "My TC will contact you with all the necessary paperwork".  Imagine that, you'll walk out like a true boss!


We bring you the knowledge from filling out paperwork, analyzing exit strategies, coordinate with attorneys, sellers, agents and more.

Ready to close that deal, but don’t know what paperwork to use?

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Don’t know which title company is investor friendly?

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Why Anchor Light Transaction Coordinator

  • We work with agents, investors, homeowners and lenders, not just one type of person

  • Write up addendums when necessary

  • We do electric filling such as memorandum/notice of sale-settlement

  • Provide a designated coordinator

  • Open escrow with title/attorney, title search, EMD instructions, and schedule closing

  • Manage all transaction communications

  • We can help you with disposition if needed by partnering

  • We specialize in

    • Short Sale Negotiation

    • Loan Modification

    • Foreclosure

    • Wraps

    • Subject to

    • Seller Financing

    • Hybrid Deals

    • Wholesale

    • Retail

What People Are Saying About Anchor Light

"I highly recommend going with Damien Michalosky and Evelyn Garcia for your transaction

coordination needs! They are very knowledgeable and can help out with all types of real

estate transactions, I have nothing but good things to say after working with them!"


Eric Kish

"Damien, Evelyn and Diego are beyond attentive and helpful. Questions don't seem to be a bother and they are always looking out for theri customer."


Ernesto Salgado

"A reliable real estate solutions company that could cater to every homeowners need"


Ruby Jane Soberano

"Everything turned out well considering everything was done online! But overall I am very pleased with the results!! Thanks for your hard work."


Robert Bechtelheimer

"Amazing to have come across this organization, they have always helped me with everything.

Whatever they promise they deliver. Such an amazing set of people.

Highly recommend!!!"


Omisanmi Matuwo

"Poisitive: Profestionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Very reliable and Amazingly Responsive"


Jim Wiggins

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